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6 tips for riding in the rain

  Use rain coat – As we all know not wearing the right dress can be a major reason for distraction while riding. Make sure that you3 dress goes in accordance with the weather. During the monsoons make sure you wear clothes that help in keeping you dry. It can get very difficult to ride […]

5 tips for a rider who just got a new bike

  Don’t keep it outside- There are a lot of reasons as to why you should not keep your brand w metal partner outside. There is also a high pssiblity that someone steals your brand new cycle to begin with the. Also, it is not very good to keep your cycle outside exposed to the […]

5 economic benefits of cycling

Cycling is a great exercise apart from being a sport. Hence cycling has a lot of health benefits. But using a cycle can have a lot of economic benefits as well. Here are few economic benefits of cycling. Affordable– Cycles are a lot more affordable when compared to any other vehicle that is run by […]

8 tips for long distance cycling

Long distance cycling is a ride that every cyclist enjoys. Apart from being enjoyable, long distance cycling also means a longer duration of exercising. You will have to take a few precautions or measures if you have planned a long distance ride. Here are a few tips that might help you. Planning – Any work, […]

8 tips for travelling with your bicycle

Yes, it is definitely a great idea to just pack your bags, book your tickets and leave home to witness the real world out there. Trust me for the world is awaiting you as well. It will be an adventure that you will remember and cherish. The best part about this entire concept of travelling […]

5 tips to maintain your road bike

It is of primary importance that one takes care of anything he or she owns. It also shows the kind of person you are or the values you possess. Your road bike also needs attention and maintenance. Here are five importance things your need to take care of. Chains- check the chains of your road […]

10 tips for riding a bicycle in the city

Cycling isn’t just a sport; It is an exercise, a passion and a need at times. But, apart from these, one can use a road to commute on regular bases. We all know that, the streets are usually filled with motor bikes, cars, trucks and other fuel or electricity driven vehicles. This makes it very […]

9 benefits of cycling on the environment

Using a bicycle has it’s own benefits. Here are a few benefits it has on the environment. I’m sure you would all agree that if we all put in efforts, we can make the world a better place. Reduces traffic- Using cycles to commute reduces the rate of traffic to a great extent and also […]

Tips for weight loss by cycling

  Ride before you break fast- riding cycle, as long as you can comfortably can, can help feel more fit and very hungry which facilitates better absorption of food. Make that as a daily routine for fitness can be achieved with regular exercise and to sustain fitness one ought to exercise regularly. Ride to work- […]

13 reasons why cycling is better than running.

Cycling is not as stressful- running invariably leads to exhaustion since muscle and lung power reach limits too soon and need rest and food to recover. In a cycle ride, the mechanical energy induced by pedaling which is transferred to free moving wheels yield ability to travel miles at a fraction of the muscles and […]