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Bicycle Buying Guide

1.KIDS BICYCLE BUYING GUIDE   Have your kids experienced the buzz of cycling? We all love to ride our bikes and experience the buzz of being on two wheels; if...

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Bangalore Elite Cyclists – Our Cycle Club


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Ghost Sangam Procycling – Our Racing Team

Our Race Program built its foundation on the camaraderie of team members, participation in regional events and positive representation of our sponsors. Each subsequent year since inception, we have gained valuable experience and knowledge about how to develop a Race Program that is not only fruitful, but is fair, balanced and rewarding to all who participate.

Our objectives are to foster team mentality and to provide substantial visibility relevant to our sponsors.  This revised framework encourages cross-disciplinary growth, focuses support for local events, and reinforces racer-directed national and international competition.  Together, these changes support the long-term health of the Race Program.

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Initiatives Initiatives taken by Sangam Bicycle Megastore

Special Services Services exclusive to Sangam !!


A professional bike fitting is one of the best investments a serious cyclist can make, and is something we highly recommend for all Cyclists.
Those new to the sport will be amazed at what a dramatic difference the correct fit can make when it comes to comfort, performance and overall enjoyment of cycling.


Many people think bicycle selection is limited to what’s available at their local sporting goods store or bike shop, and they get stuck with bikes that don’t fit properly or meet their needs. It doesn’t have to be that way. We are catering to our customers across the country, we are creating custom rides to fit our clients’ preferences and body types.


Our professional service staff is ready to work on all makes and models of bicycles.

Whether it’s a gear adjustment or a major overhaul, you can count on us to do the job right the first time.

All your corporate, special occasion purchases and rentals can be easily made here. To purchase or rent a large quantity of a single item or multiple items, you can fill in the form and let us know about your request.

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