10 tips for riding a bicycle in the city

Cycling isn’t just a sport; It is an exercise, a passion and a need at times. But, apart from these, one can use a road to commute on regular bases. We all know that, the streets are usually filled with motor bikes, cars, trucks and other fuel or electricity driven vehicles. This makes it very difficult for cyclists to make their way through the crowded streets of cities. Here are few tips that will help you stay safe on the city streets when you are using your road bike to commute.

  • Avoid distractions– One thing that people in today’s world don’t understand is that using a earphone when one is on the street is perilous. When one is cycling on a city street, which is generally crowded with a lot of motor vehicles one must avoid using a phone or earphones. Thousands of fatal accidents are reported due to distractions caused from phones and earphone. In case of an emergency, it is best recommended for one to park the cycle in a safe zone and then use their phone.
  • Always wear a helmet– In most cities around the world, it is mandatory to wear a helmet when one is riding on the streets. It is actually a safety measure of utmost importance that must be followed. One must always think of what their families might go through in case something critical happens to them. It is important that one always makes sure that he or she is wearing a helmet before getting out on the streets.
  • Know the laws of that state– Most states have their own laws and their very own method in dealing with the people who have not respected the state law. Some countries and states are extremely strict and ruthless when it comes to their laws. Make sure that you know the law and order of that particular state before getting your road bike to the road.
  • Make sure you’re good at it– One should never take the road bike in the city traffic until and unless you are a pro at riding. If one is just a learner, he or she should first practice on slightly less crowded streets first and one he has established that he is good at riding he can take his road bike on to the crowded and busy streets.
  • Get those lights– It is of primary importance that you get lights fixed on to your metal partner. Without a light on your bicycle it will become very difficult for other people on the street to see you and if they do see you, it becomes very difficult for them to judge the distance in between. With a light all this chaos can be avoided and fatal accidents also can be averted.
  • Use reflectors– Again, using reflectors severs the exactly same purpose as that of lights. But what one needs to understand is that lights and reflectors are not the same thing. A light will help a driver coming from the front to see you and a reflector will help a person coming from behind you in seeing you. A reflector is helpful incase of a puncher as it will help other vehicles notice that your cycle is parked an is not moving.
  • Plan out your route– one should always plan out their route one day in advance and also keep in mind of an alternative route, just in case. Planning makes travelling a lot more easier specially for cyclists. The only reason why cyclists must plan everything out is, cycling is tiring and if one knows your route he or she can plan a place, for a resting and also water and bathroom breaks.
  • Befriend– One is sure to find many more cyclists on the streets and all he or she needs to do is befriend them. Cycling is more fun when done is groups and done with friends. Having cyclists friends with you is a form of security, that is, in case of any casualty,on will definitely have their group members by their side.
  • Beware of drivers– In 98% of the cases drivers are very rash. They usually do not care much about cyclists, so it is considered best to avoid going in front of them or changing lanes. Otherwise too, changing lanes is not advisable.
  • Stay Alert– A cyclist must always stay alert no matter where he is riding. His cycle is his responsibility, he has to take care of it. He should also take care of himself when he’s riding because, if he’s distracted the ride might not end in the right way.