3 things to do before and after Cycling

Everything has a right way of starting and ending, so does cycling. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you leave for your ride and after you come back from your ride.

It is recommended to do the following before you leave for your ride.

  • Check your road bike– Check your bicycle once thoroughly before you leave. Make sure your bicycle’s tyres have the right amount of air. Also, it is very important that your bike’s brakes are tight enough; if not, you should first take it to a cyclic mechanic. Check your gears as well. Make sure you have a safe ride.
  • Never ignore your body– Drink enough water and have some nutritrious yet a light meal. Do not go on an empty stomach as it can make your ride exhausting. Make sure you have had a sound sleep the previous night so that you stay alert during your ride.
  • Weather conditions– It is best to check what the weather condition is like, before getting out. Always check the weather report to make your ride a pleasant one.

Follow these tips after you get back from your ride.

  • Again, check your road bike– Check if the chains of your bicycle are intact. Also, give your bicycle a good wash if you ride in a muddy area. It is always best to keep your mental partner clean and shining. Try your best to keep your bicycle rust free.
  • Cleansing– Taking a good shower after you are done with ride is a very good way to sooth your muscles. Also, taking a shower will help you wipe away all the sweat and germs on your body.
  • Recovery- Drink a generous amount of water to give back to your body, what you had taken away from it. Drinking a protein shake is one of the best things to do to regain your energy.