5 economic benefits of cycling

Cycling is a great exercise apart from being a sport. Hence cycling has a lot of health benefits. But using a cycle can have a lot of economic benefits as well. Here are few economic benefits of cycling.


  • Affordable– Cycles are a lot more affordable when compared to any other vehicle that is run by fuel or electricity. It can prove very economic to large families where they can buy a lot of cycles for each family member to commute. They will have enough space to keep their vehicles also.


  • Oil Prices– If people consider using only bicycles instead of using motor vehicles that run on fuel there will be a reduce in the tax we pay. we all know that fuel is usually imported from other oil rich countries. If the people of the country start using cycles, there will be a substantial decrease in the amount of fuel imported. Hence there will be a reduction in the taxes.


  • Repair charges– Repairing a motor vehicle in case of any damage or problem can sometimes cost you a fortune. But when it comes maintain a cycling or repairing it it might not cost as much.


  • Road maintenance– Cycling being a very light vehicle, it doesn’t cause much trouble. If many people start using cycles, road maintenance costs will reduce considerably.


  • Health expenses– Cycling is one of the best forms of exercises. If one cycles on a regular basis, a lot health issues like blood sugar, cancer and most heart diseases can be avoided. Cycling can reduce your health expenses to a very great extent.