5 things to avoid before cycling

Experienced cycle riders follow a few precautionary measures before they start off with the ride – to be able to have smooth, enjoyable and tireless ride.

  • Carry water – Water is nature’s best gift to us humans and very critical element in maintaining body stability and fitness. Drinking enough water before starting off is not always a good idea and perhaps is okay only if you are a short ride. Overloading with water presuming need can make one uncomfortably full in the stomach and could also cause really inconvenient and uncomfortable situation – with pressure to discharge when it may not possible relieve conveniently. One should drink water when the body demands it. And while cycling one feels thirsty often depending upon the exertion which make carrying water a better idea than preloading. Therefore, remember to put a bottle of water in the carry case on your cycle.


  • Stretching- Stretching and reaching down to your toes isn’t a good idea unless it is a quick done-in-two-minutes of flexing your muscles, for cycling by itself is an act of stretching and it is important to conserve energy for pedaling on your journey. Better approach to is to cycle in pace that can keep your energy levels stable.


  • Avoid high fat food- Eating something before cycling is important to be able to equip yourself with the energy required to move your cycle. But remember to do it in moderation. Not just how much you eat but what you eat is important which is true, of course, any time you eat. With a heavy stomach it is even difficult to think of riding. And, some food, though tasty, causes discomfort almost soon. Oily and fat rich food for example. Therefore, be careful to eat light, by the quantity and by what it is.


  • Not checking the condition of your bicycle – Check the brakes, tyre pressure and the general condition before you start out


  • Always inform someone- This might seem a little naive but it could prove to be very useful and even critical to let know someone close on your journey. Also don’t forget to carry your mobile so that you remain reachable and can reach some one on anything, more importantly should any emergency arise.