5 simple tips for new bicycle enthusiasts

New to cycling? Here are a few tips you can follow to begin with. Happy cycling.


  • Don’t keep it outside- There are a lot of reasons as to why you should not keep your brand w metal partner outside. There is also a high possibility that someone steals your brand new cycle to begin with the. Also, it is not very good to keep your cycle outside exposed to the weather conditions. If by any chance you’re keeping it outside, are sure you use a cover to cover it.


  • Keep it clean- It is always best to keep your cycle clean from the very beginning. Cleaning your chains and removing gunk from it regularly and putting fresh oil on it can increase it’s self life. Giving your cycle a regular wash makes sure that there is not dust or mud on it. Keeping your cycling clean right from the beginning is a must.


  • Don’t go out alone- If you are new to cycling , make sure you don’t go out alone. You can always go out with your friends or make new friends who are cyclists. You would have noticed that cyclists often head out in groups, you can be a part of one too.


  • Seat adjustment- A brand new cycle may not be exactly how you want it. It might take you a while to get adjusted to it. The seat height needs to be adjusted to your comfort or it can prove to be a major distraction. Always remember that distractions are one thing you must avoid while cycling.
  • Tyres- Make sure you first get air filled into the tyres as brand new cycles usually tend not to have the right amount of air. If you take it out there are chances of your tyre getting punctured.