6 tips if you are cycling in the rain

Cycling in the rain? can be bad but it can be fun too.. 

You decide to cycling and out of nowhere it begins to rain.. and boom!! can’t predict sometimes right? but you can be prepared all times. Here are a few tips that can help you.

  • Use rain coat (Well yeah! sorry to state the obvious though) – As we all know not wearing the right dress can be a major reason for distraction while cycling. Make sure that you dress goes in accordance with the weather. During the monsoons make sure you wear clothes that help in keeping you dry. It can get very difficult to ride after getting drenched.


  • Mudguards are a must – You must always get mudguards fixed to your cycle. If you do not get a mudguard fixed, say hello to slush all over your clothes after the ride and a dirty bum is definitely not appreciated. If you had a date? well that’s too bad cause it’s gonna end sooner.


  • Protect your eyes – Make sure the rain is not disturbing your vision you must take care of it by using riding glasses. You should take note that using contact lens while riding in the rain is a very bad idea. In case you cannot see anything at all, you must not ride further.


  • A quick check on those tires –  Reducing your bicycle’s tire pressure during the rain it reduces the risk of skidding. This is so because a tire which has full pressure is extremely firm. A firm tire cannot have good grip on a wet surface. Click here, will help you know what pressure to set.


  • You got your tool it? – Carrying a basic tool kit really comes in handy. If you don’t you must start keeping one with you. But one usually carries a different tool box during the monsoon season. They have completely different equipment.


  • Make sure you have some fun – Cycling while its raining is quite annoying when you have to be somewhere or do something important, but you rides in rain are always a yay!! if you are caught by unexpected rain on your ride, just have some fun 😀


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