8 tips for long distance cycling

Long distance cycling is a ride that every cyclist enjoys. Apart from being enjoyable, long distance cycling also means a longer duration of exercising. You will have to take a few precautions or measures if you have planned a long distance ride. Here are a few tips that might help you.

  • Planning – Any work, when done by using a strategy always reaps success. It is a must that one plans out their route before going out cycling. Planning will include, checking the traffic updates, checking the weather forecast and plan your route for that day. Planning will only make your ride safer and a pleasant one as well.


  • Start with short distances- Unless and until you have good stamina and practice never set out for a long ride as it can lead to a mishap. Good stamina comes only from great practice. One can go out for long ride only after he has established that is a pro. It is always considered best if you start out with shorter distances and then go in for longer ones.


  • Dress appropriately- This is the most important aspect of cycling. If you are not comfortable in the clothes you are wearing, it can be a major distraction while you are riding. Make sure you wear the right clothes.


  • First aid kit- A first aid kit is a must. It should always been in the bag pack. Not much to be carried. Just a few necessary items.


  • Stretching- This is something that many people argue about as some people think that stretching might stress the muscles. But a two minute stretch will do no harm.


  • Pedal right- Its all about strategy. If you can plan it out then you are up for a pleasant ride. You should plan out and see which area needs needs more pedaling depending on the topography of the region you have chose for your ride.


  • Water- Water, as we all know is most essential. Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the ride is very important. One must take note that over-drinking water is not the right way to do it. That way you will have to stop for bathroom breaks early and frequently. Make sure you are just sipping a few sips of water.


  • Tool box- Although you wake up with a very positive vibe you are certain of just one thing and that is the day will be uncertain. It is very difficult for one to predict anything. There are chances that something goes wrong during your ride. Hence it is best that you carry your own tool box.