9 benefits of cycling on the environment

Using a bicycle has it’s own benefits. Here are a few benefits it has on the environment. I’m sure you would all agree that if we all put in efforts, we can make the world a better place.

  • Reduces traffic- Using cycles to commute reduces the rate of traffic to a great extent and also makes it extremely safe. Reduced traffic automatically reduces accidents to a very large extent. People can walk safely without the fear of getting hit by vehicles. Children and the elderly can cross roads very safely without any assistance.


  • Production costs reduces- There is a huge cost difference between manufacturing a vehicle which consumes fuel and manufacturing a cycle. The money spent fuel can be put to better use. For driving around in a car for 1 km or 10 kms, fuel is required. But a cycling around costs nothing.


  • Saves forest land- 20 cycles can stand in the place of 2 cars. This only goes to say that if more and more people start using cycles, the world will no longer face issues like deforestation for road widening. Instead afforestation can be practiced. The world will be able to witness more greenery. We will be able to leave a healthy and sustainable planet for the coming generations.


  • Helps local business- How nice would you feel about yourself if someone is able to lead a simple life and you are somewhere responsible for that? Yes, if you use cycles on a regular basis, you can help the local mechanics earn for their living.


  • Saves money- Using bicycles instead of cars and motor bikes is always a good idea. It also saves your money as bicycles aren’t as expensive as any motor vehicle. In case, something goes wrong in the bicycle, the expenses to set your bicycle aren’t as damaging as that of a car’s or a bike’s.


  • Health benefits- Billions of tons of poisonous gases are released into the air causing the air to be extremely polluted. Vehicles are the major reason why these gases are released into the atmosphere. A bicycle is extremely eco- friendly and it causes no harm at all to the atmosphere. When a majority of people start using bicycles, a drastic change shall be witnessed. The pollution level will fall automatically. When pollution level falls, the quality of life increases. People will be able to live a healthier life.


  • Do your bit to save the planet- The world is becoming a difficult place to live in as the quality of life has been deteriorating. The tons of pollution released into the atmosphere everyday causes so many changes on the planet. Climate change is one such change. Global warming is a major reason why the earth is becoming hotter and in 100 years down the lane it could become inhabitable. By using a bicycle, you will be doing your bit to save this lovely planet.


  • Help restore fossil fuels- Most of the vehicles that you see on the road use fuel to run. As most of us know that fuel is obtained from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels take thousands of years to form and the rate at which we’re consuming them, the coming generations will not be left with any. Man is not giving nature enough time to restore the resources spent. Again, this problem could be taken care of, if the majority of the population starting commuting using bicycles.


  • Calmer world around you- The amount of noise that motor vehicles produce can definitely cause premature deafness. Bicycles produce no nise at all. Now you’ll can imagine hoe calm the outside world would be if everyone used bicycles to avoid noise pollution for a calmer world.