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13 most inspiring cycling quotes

Some people beautifully arrange powerful or sometimes simple words and make wonderful sentences. Most of the sentences might have a very few words at times but their meaning is never shallow. These beautiful sentences are remembered as quotes which change the way you look at things or some times, change you as a person. Here […]

5 things to avoid before cycling

Experienced cycle riders follow a few precautionary measures before they start off with the ride – to be able to have smooth, enjoyable and tireless ride. Carry water – Water is nature’s best gift to us humans and very critical element in maintaining body stability and fitness. Drinking enough water before starting off is not […]

3 things to do before and after Cycling

Everything has a right way of starting and ending, so does cycling. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you leave for your ride and after you come back from your ride. It is recommended to do the following before you leave for your ride. Check your road bike– Check your bicycle […]

benefits of cycling

30 great benefits of cycling

Whether it’s to boost your fitness, health or bank balance, or as an environmental choice, taking up bicycle riding could be one of the best decisions you ever make. Not convinced? Here are 30 major cycling benefits, spread across improving your health, happiness and relationships. 1. You’ll get there faster Commute by bike in the […]