Tips for weight loss by cycling


  • Ride before you break fast- riding cycle, as long as you can comfortably can, can help feel more fit and very hungry which facilitates better absorption of food. Make that as a daily routine for fitness can be achieved with regular exercise and to sustain fitness one ought to exercise regularly.


  • Ride to work- overweight is caused owing fat accumulation in the muscles and the best way to reduce weight is to exert out weight.


  • Find a friend to cycle with you – exercising alone is boring and hence the possibility of discontinuation. Cycling become more enjoyable when you have company and of course, more the merrier.


  • Eat light – have right food and in moderation. Have food that contain proteins and carbohydrates to gain stamina – from cycling – for cycling


  • On week-end and when you could find time go on long rides. Ride taking rest intermittently as and when you feel tired and refresh yourself before restarting with water and lighter food.


  • Avoid refined sugar- sugar which body needs is available in all that we eat and since tiring out by cycling helps to effectively absorb glucose for the food it helps to check weight by avoiding refined sugar.


  • Maintain you cycle always in good condition which also being physical work helps check weight.


  • Cut down on alcohol consumption Alcohol is one of the main factors that can contribute to unnecessary weight gain and adding calories.